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This is me...
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Toomer's Corner

I am extremely saddened by the actions of a deranged man claiming to be an Alabama fan. Toomer's Corner is where Auburn fans gather to celebrate victories for the school -- not just football. The trees that grow there have been there for 130 years -- 12 years longer than the Alabama/Auburn rivalry which started 118 years ago next week (Feb. 22, 1893). I have been an Auburn fan since I was about 8 -- the only one in my family. Although I graduated from Bama and now live in Texas, I still wear my Auburn jersey, fly my Auburn flag in front of my house, and taught all 4 of my kids to say "War Eagle" right after they learned "mama." I do not understand this level of hatred.

I am trying to remember that this was the act of one deranged individual and NOT indicative of the entire fan base..... kinda hard to remember that when I see "some" Bama "fans" (and I use that term loosely) celebrating this act of hatred towards our traditions. Several Bama "fans" have not only condoned, but have agreed with this moron's actions as retaliation for someone placing an Auburn National Championship sticker on Bear Bryant's statue and duct-taping a Cam Newton Jersey to it. The obliteration of an icon, landmark, and ultimately of a tradition cannot be compared to placing a sticker or a jersey on a statue. Those were harmless pranks which were easily and quickly cleaned up as if they had never happened. Other's laugh at it and say that it is "just a couple of trees" -- they obviously wouldn't feel that way if it were one of their team's traditions that had been vandalized. As a good friend said about this type of reaction, "It's like laughing at someone who kicks dogs just because I'm a cat person. Ridiculous!"

To help put this in perspective for theose of you not from the South, this is a quote from the City of Auburn's page about Toomer's Corner: "One of the City of Auburn’s most recognizable landmarks, Toomer's Corner is at the intersection of College Street and Magnolia Avenue in the heart of the City of Auburn. With Toomer’s Drugs, an Auburn landmark since 1896, facing what has since 1856 been the anchoring corner of Auburn’s campus, Toomer’s Corner is the nexus of campus and city life. Nowhere is Auburn’s unique spirit, history or identity stronger than at Toomer’s Corner."

So, I find myself praying to God to save a couple of trees.  It isn't that I am ONLY praying for the trees -- it is just one of many things that I am praying for.  "Al from Dadeville" better hope that the feds find him before Auburn fans do. Auburn has one of the best agricultural schools in the country -- if anyone can save these trees, this tradition, and this symbol of Auburn pride, it is us. WDE!!!

Toomer's Corner after it was rolled for the National Championship win in January.  We didn't know it, but the trees had already been poisoned.

My 4 kids in their jerseys in October 2009

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