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This is me...
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Sunday, September 25, 2011

It's Hard Out There For A Pimp

Okay.  This is NOT the post that I wanted to write today -- what with all the Facebook changes to complain about, and the fact that it is FINALLY Fall TV Premiere Week, but as promised, here is my post about other pages, blogs, and sites you might want to check out!  Not nearly as many of you responded to my request to be included here, so if you were left out, please feel free to pimp yourself in the comments.  If you had requested to be included, but I didn't include you, then I obviously did not receive your request because the only pages, links, etc. that I left out were those that wanted me to promote their books about cleaning or shiny-happy-strategies of how to be a Stepford Parent without Prozac (THOSE people obviously have not read my blog), or place a permanent ad banner, etc.  (Just out of curiosity, how vehemently opposed to advertising would you guys be??  I have a legitimate offer from


Red Vines and Red Wine  -- A mommy blogger whose son is on the spectrum.  Her son is what she calls "Invisibly Autistic" and he seems just like other kids until he doesn't.  I have gained a much better insight into the autistic spectrum through reading her blogs.  Her language is colorful, but she offers awesome insight on living with her son in the real world.

Dad V. Autism -- Hubby to Red Vines and Red Wine.  Here is a portion of his "About" page that should give you a better idea of what he is like:  " I have written lots of blogs, usually about the Detroit Lions or my latest project (book, movie, tree house, etc), but I have never really written about my son, Noah.  My wife writes about him often. She does the research. She is an incredible advocate.  Me? I blunder on learning from her predigested research and only occasionally doing my own when a particularly puzzling problem arises. I take care of the bills, kill the spiders, get the stuff off the top shelves, take out the garbage, do the dishes, occasionally do the laundry and try to be as understanding as possible with both Noah and the other two offspring. Noah is 8, Rylee is 12, and Dane is 20...each one has been their own set of peculiar, frustrating and humbling challenges." 
I love getting both of their takes on things!

Down Wit Dat -- Mother of twins, one has Downs, and one does not.  Here is a portion of her "About" page that should help you understand what her blog is like: 
"The time since their birth has been a blur. In between all the feedings, diaper changes and doctors appointments I have tried to network... tried to find DS resources that meet our needs. I may be a nurse, but this is far from my specialty. There are many parenting blogs out there and there are many DS related blogs as well.  And, no offense, but a lot of them depress the hell out of me.  Many are scrapbooks of family life, a few have a fragment of useful information here and there. There are twin stories, but of identical or fraternal twins where both children are affected. Some are stories of families that adopt more DS children from around the world. They are over the top positive and often mention what a gift from the creator this is.  Many of these blogs have book deals in the works.  This is not one of those blogs.  My name is Jen and I am the mother of a son with Trisomy 21 or Down Syndrome. I am also the mother of twins. I am not religious, I do not wish to adopt more children with his disorder, nor am I in denial. I think this f☠cking sucks. There, I said it. (I also swear like a pirate hooker, which you will learn as time goes on)."


Hammock Tracks -- Well written blog that offers recipes along with her thoughts and stories about homeschooling.  This is the blurb from her site:  "Hammock - an elevated tract of land rising above the general level of a marsh region. Or in other words, where we call home. This is a record of our life, or the "tracks" we leave there. We are the parents of four children. We home school and do other crazy things like raise rabbits, garden, fish, hunt and spend a lot of time together. Just as animals leave tracks in the marsh near our home, we leave tracks here for you to read and hopefully enjoy."

The Third Boob -- Okay, these ladies are the ones who are re-posting my "Fundraisers SUCK" post (which should happen this Wednesday, September 28th).  Normally, they have informative posts with recipes and motherhood tips, and usually they are presented in a humorous way so that I don't feel like my mother is standing over me telling me what to do like when I was 5.  But you absolutely HAVE to go back and read the post about how the blog got its name -- I laughed out loud. 


Message With A Bottle -- Here is the blurb from this daddy blogger's site:  "On May 19th, 2010 I quit my job to be a stay-at-home, freelancer-for-hire and user-of-many-hyphens dad. As a reminder of everything going on with my writing, I leave Post-It Notes around my office so I don't forget deadlines, meetings and the fact my bank account is nearly empty (it's a sick motivational tool--the yearning to eat).  I decided to incorporate those same organizational principles while watching my son.  These are notes to remind myself what to do, and sometimes more importantly, what not to do when raising a child."  If that doesn't make you want to read it, I don't know what will.  It simply rocks.

Hyperbole and a Half -- Allie Brosh is like my guru.  I credit her and her blog as the reason I started my blog.  I fall forever short of the kind of humor that she is able to produce with her awesome stories and MS Paint illustrations, but someday I want to be as funny as her.  Or at least come close.  On a bad, bad, day in my life, I can put on the holey, funky, sweatshirt from college that I refuse to get rid of, make a large pot of coffee and sit with my laptop and read her old posts to make me literally "Laugh Out Loud." 

Moms Who Drink And Swear -- Nikki, although I do not always agree with her, is one of those honest mom bloggers that tell it like it is.  Here is blurb from her "About" page on her blog:  "This momma's on the run! Running my mouth, that is.  Real moms get frustrated. We say and do things that we regret. We are often running in 100 different directions, having no time to shower, rarely get to go to the bathroom without an uninvited guest or talk on the phone without getting barked at by a needy kid. Sometimes it sucks. PERIOD.  The Moms who drink and swear© blog is raw, honest, and often completely inappropriate. Perfect parenting doesn't exist. We just keep trying and in the process we all just want to feel like we aren't alone in this crazy thing.  I put on my bitch pants and say the stuff we all think at one time or another because I choose to laugh at the absurdity of it all. Writing it all out helps me figure it all out, sometimes. I hope it gives you comfort, information and giggles.  I write both from the heart and my experience as a mental health professional and a parent of two nutjob kids who provide me with more material for this nonsense than I could ever use.  This is not a site for the humorless or serious type mom. Pearl clutching, perfect parents....don't say I didn't warn you.  OUR MISSION: To laugh, love and support our families and communities through socialization, education, support systems and philanthropy."

And NOT a blog, but still amazing is Chef Jeff.  He has written an amazing cookbook that is completely on-line and has given me a link for you guys to preview it FOR FREE!!!  Go to DinneRevolution and register.  Be sure to provide him with the feedback he has asked for!!  This cookbook is full of recipes that contain less than 10 ingredients and are easy to make and are family friendly -- even for MY kids. 

So, show these bloggers some love and tell them where you heard about them.  Who knows, maybe they will return the favor!  If you are a blogger, or if you have an etsy shop, or if you own a business, etc. then pimp yourself in the comments.  And now, go and pimp MY blog out to all of your friends, family, and random strangers on the street. 


PsychoJenic said...

Thank you for the shout out... I love your blog too. You make me laugh and that is surprisingly hard to do some days.

My kid has more chromosomes than your kid

Savannah McQueen said...

Thanks for including me. It was very nice of you. I think advertising done tastefully and not placed so as to distract, is a great idea. I've continued to enjoy your site and thanks for the laughs.