This is me...

This is me...
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Monday, December 3, 2012

The brothers Grimm Method

If you are a mom, you know that one of the rare joys in life is getting to go to the bathroom by yourself without being interupted 50 times. Usually, the interuptions are annoyingly benign things like "Mom? What are you doing?" or "Mom? How much longer are you gonna be in there?" or "Mom? You're in the bathroom??!" -- like they can't believe that mom's need to pee. Depending on how long the bathroom business takes, a fight may break out requiring a trial to take place right outside the bathroom door that the kids expect you proceed over as they all try to tell their version of what happened so that you can deliver your verdict before you even flush. And every once in a while, something happens that requires you to rush or leave before you are finished. This was the case last night.

Dinner was done, homework was finished, and the kids were distracted by a rare weekday occurance of desert. I figured it was the best chance I would have before bedtime to go to the bathroom by myself so I snuck upstairs and locked the bathroom door. As I was sitting there, I heard the back screen door open and close right beneath me. And then again. And then a third time. And I heard lots of screaming and laughing. Seriously, I'd been gone all of 42 seconds and they were running outside into the cold and dark for some reason that only they and God knew. I knew that they were in their pajamas and probably didn't have shoes on, but I also knew that the gates to the backyard were closed, so I decided to hurry up but not to worry too much.

About 14 seconds after hearing the laughing screams, something changed. The back door slammed again and I heard the ear piercing screams of my 6 year old from outside. I rushed. I ran downstairs to find that her older brother and sister had left her outside in the dark in 40 degree weather in her pajamas with no shoes and no jacket. She was standing there holding her stuffed cat and screaming. The door wasn't locked, but she was screaming and they weren't doing anything to help her. After I got her inside and calmed her down, I laid into the nearly 9 and 11 year olds. They weren't taking me seriously. I had to do something to get them to realize that this wasn't just about my 90 seconds of "me time" being interrupted.

So I employed a little technique that I like to call "The Brothers Grimm Method." This is where you take something real (or at least rumored to be real) and exaggerate it into something scary to teach a moral lesson to your kids. Civilazations have done this with their young for centuries, and while I didn't tell them that there was a werewolf or chupacabra or a Lady in White that would come and steal them from me, I used the modern day version of all those things -- CPS. I told them that if our neighbors heard a child screaming outside in the cold and in the dark, they could and probably should call Child Protective Services. I told them that IF Child Protective Services came to the house, that they could decide to take them away from me and their dad and make them go live with strangers and send me and their dad to jail. NOW they were listening. I went on to explain that they needed to take care of each other and that I expected them, as the oldest, to do better than leaving their little sister outside by herself in the dark like that. I also stressed that it was pretty pathetic that I couldn't have 5 minutes to go to the bathroom without them getting into trouble.

I may have misrepresented the CPS, but I don't really care. I got them to see my point and they felt bad about what had happened. They apologized to their sister (and she promptly forgave them like she always does) and I made everyone go to bed early.

After all, I STILL had to go to the bathroom!


Carin said...

I also exagerate when dealing with my nearly 6 year old when she's pissing off her little brother.
"Yeah, but he started it and he did so-and-so to me, so I did it back"...
"Ah, so if he pushes you when you're on the sidewalk and you push him back and he falls onto the street, what happens then? What if he's run over by a truck?"

or the famous:
"If he/she jumps off a bridge, do you jump too? Don't you have brains to think with for yourself to decide whether the choice you're about to make is the smart one?"

On the upside: I get to go to the bathroom ;-) Then again, I only have 2, not 4 kids.
Much respect to you handling 4 minions.
Hugs from across the pond!

Kensington Pearl said...

I've done the same thing. I told my son, his finger would fall off if he didn't stop biting it. Lo and behold, his finger gets infected, turns black, we had to get oral and steroid antibiotics so the infection wouldn't spread.

Now I'm thinking it' karma for trying to trick him. Oh well, the finger is still attached to his body (just a little discolored). At least he really thinks there was a possibility it could have fallen off.

Great post!

Kensington Pearl
(I saw your November post...let me know if you need help with your resume...I'm in HR :))

Crystal Blake said...

LOL!!! Loved it. I only have 2 girls with a 9 year age gap (10 and 16 months), so I can't even imagine the hustle and bustle of 4! But, that's why we blogging moms have kids...where else would we get such great material?! *smile* Thumbs up to you!

Robert A. Kearse said...

I haven't stop laughing yet. lol

We parents have to use ALL the tools!

Tell your kids IN ADVANCE what you expect from them when you have to leave them for any personal reasons.