This is me...

This is me...
I'm having a mom moment....

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Kids Are Awesome

I have a pretty awesome set of kids.  Today's post, instead of being about how they have broken something or destroyed the house or eaten Pop Tarts in the bathroom or something equally disturbing, will be about how awesome they are.

William is a very sweet 9 year old kid who loves Legos and builds some pretty amazing stuff out of them. He draws detailed battle scenes on a regular basis and can't spell to save his life. He also has a pretty good intuition about some pretty grown-up concepts. Like, the other day, he was staring at the motion-activated soap dispenser. I said "What are you doing?" He looked at me and said "Well, I've been thinking. You know how the commercial about that soap thing says that there are hundreds or thousands of germs on your soap dispenser?" Curious now, I said "Yeah, because you are touching it with your dirty hands." "Well," he continued, "Why does that matter, exactly?" I was confused. He knew about germs -- I am almost phobic about them. I have literally 6 different kinds of hand sanitizer in my car and purse. But then he says "I mean, you are about to wash your hands. Its not like you get soap AFTER you wash them, so whatever germs you might get from the soap thingy, you wash right off." A few moments before I was questioning his mental capacity. Now I am convinced that he is a genius. My 9-year old had spotted the flawed logic of a product that I had enthusiastically gone out and bought. Awesome.

"See this guy is from Tatooine, and this other guy is...."

Bella is my drama queen. She wants to go on America's Got Talent. She is confident that she would just have to walk on stage to get a ticket to Vegas. I'd let her do it, but I'm afraid that it would crush her confidence. She is mini-me. Poor thing. She exudes confidence yet she wants desperately to be loved and accepted. Oh, and famous. She REALLY wants to be famous. She tells me all the time that when she gets discovered, she is going to buy me a new minivan and a house in Alabama and she's going to hire her dad so that he doesn't have to work a job he hates and will instead get to spend all his time with her. And she's smart. She is in the gifted program at school and her handwriting is better than mine. The other day, she looked at something I wrote and she told me "Wow mom, your handwriting kinda sucks." I told her what a doctor had told me once -- bad handwriting is a sign of extreme intelligence. It means your brain is working so fast that your hand can't keep up. She put her hand on her hip and cocked her head to the side and said "Well that doesn't make sense. My handwriting is perfect and I'm super smart." Touche. And awesome.

I'm ready for my audition....
Lorelei is my quirky kid. We think she MAY be on the tippiest top of the Pervasive Development Disorder Spectrum....or she may just be awesome. She gets stuck on things and you have to make eye contact with her to get her to stop sometimes, and she rocks back and forth and shakes her head for comfort -- like every night she shakes her head back and forth to make herself go to sleep and it knots her hair up to her scalp. She is obsessed with animals, bugs, and all living things. She actually names the little fruit flies that get into our house things like "buggy" and "gnatty" and gets real upset if I kill them. She has no fewer than 37 stuffed cats and dogs with names like "Puppy Dog Treat" and "Mamma Cat." She doesn't use the words "today" and "tomorrow" -- instead she says "this day" and "the next day." And she has no filter. Last week, I took them all to Target and we saw an older lady on one of those motorized cart things. Lorelei walks up to her and puts her hand on the cart and says "I like your car thingy. Do you have it because you're old or because you're fat?" The woman shot me a dirty look and sped away. I told Lorelei that it was both. But then she is also incredibly sweet. Once when we were in a store, a lady was approaching us with her daughter in a wheelchair. The little girl had Cerebral Palsy. I was terrified at what might come out of Lorelei's mouth. But she looked at the little girl, put her hand on top of hers and said "You must be a princess. You're so pretty and you get to ride in a special chair." The little girl grinned at her and her mom cried. Lorelei may be quirky and have no filter, but she is awesome.

You are just jealous of my awesome kitty-cat hat.

Then there is Jackson.  I have already done an entire post on him and his exploits, so I will simply share a (rather long) video of him telling me a story.  He already knows that candy will make you fat and that the dad should "say sorry" for the kids.  Again, Awesome.

My kids drive me nuts.  Sometimes I feel like either they should be on medication, or I should be.  But, they are my whole world.  They are the only reason I get out of bed some days.  They are the reason I write this blog.  Yep, they are awesome.


Anonymous said...

Don't don't don't protect your daughter from being discouraged by being laughed off stage. This is one of those things that happens to every performer, and they have to be ready for it or they will be too afraid to succeed.

One of the things you can do to prep her if she really is serious, is to have her perform at small venues. Church shows, mall shows, at fairs and other outdoor settings, are great chances for her to work her way up to a big stage.

squirrellymom said...

Your kids are, indeed, awesome :)

Thank you for sharing them with us.