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This is me...
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Monday, December 19, 2011

Here's What I've Decided....

It is less than a week until Christmas and I am working on finding my merry & making it appear that the few presents that the kids are getting look like a lot more than they actually are. I am considering wrapping all of the 25 Lego pieces in the little box I got for William separately. Usually, they get one gift from Santa and one gift from us and their stocking. But I guess its the guilt this year, because I am trying to find other little things to wrap up for under the tree. I have decided to go by this nifty little poem that I saw somewhere (apologies if it was yours):

"Something you want, (A big present that is something they asked for)
Something you need, (An item like socks, underwear, or a new backpack)
Something to share, (Probably a game or a movie)
Something to read." (Obviously, a book)

I am adding a couple of lines.

Something to eat (Candy, popcorn, etc.)
And a group activity, (A craft set, a board game, etc.)
Something that's neat (This is literal -- something to help them organize their crap)
And something for charity. (We are giving each child a small amount of money to either donate or buy something to donate.)

Some of these will come from us, some from Santa. Some will be in their stockings, some under the tree, and the money for the charitable act we will hang onto until they decide what they want to do. (Or until we get it....) We have discussed charitable acts before with the kids. Jackson, the 3 year old doesn't get it. Lorelei, the 5 year old, will want to donate her money to an animal shelter. Bella, the (almost) 8 year old, will want to do toys for kids in the hospital or clothes or food for the homeless. And William, my sweet 10 year old, will no doubt have some specific kid or family in mind that he has quietly observed in need.

The truth is, as mad as my kids make me sometimes, they are (in general) awesome.  And it is not their fault that we are stuck in Texas this year.  It is just one of those things.  I think that the list is a great idea, it works with any budget (even our limited one this year) and it is an awesome guideline to keep from going overboard.  Even when I'm feeling guilty about them (and me) missing out on all of the Alabama fun. 

My mom is constantly telling me that "Happiness is a choice" but lately I guess that I have decided to not be happy, because I've been a Grinch about Christmas.  Everything that my kids wanted was out of our budget (heck, everything that me and my husband wanted was out of our budget) and I found myself wallowing in self pity about everything we COULDN'T have or that we COULDN'T do.  It occurred to me that I'm not practicing what I preach with my kids.  I tell them all of the time that "You get what you get and you don't throw a fit."  Well, truth is, we've got quite a lot.

And you know what?  It will be okay.  We will still have a good Christmas.  No, it will be a GREAT Christmas.  I've decided.  Period.


Girlie Blogger said...

I'm sure your kids will like whatever you give them.

Anonymous said...

My son, in first grade, has picked up the "you get what you get, and you don't throw a fit" from school and we use it all the time now. I love your list idea! I may borrow that for next year. I've been a grump for a while now while my husband's deployed and I need to follow your advice: attitude and happiness is a choice. I need to choose to be more what I want to be.

Lisa W. said...

Glad you are feeling better about Christmas!! I love the list/poem, too. We have always said three gifts from Santa (just like Jesus got three from the wise men) and one from Mommy & Daddy. This list give each gift some meaning, though, and that is important!!

Anonymous said...

We've been pretty broke the last few Christmases, and I have a tendency to get things that are not on my kids' lists, but that I get a really good deal on. Last year I bought a bunch of swap meet items that turned out to be defective and they're still sitting in my kids' rooms, untouched. This year I'm getting 3-4 things that are on their list whether or not they're on sale. Thankfully nothing's a big ticket item. I think the kids will be happier & I won't be kicking myself for being ridiculously cheap.