This is me...

This is me...
I'm having a mom moment....

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"Purse-onal Inventory"

Tonight at the soccer fields I was tuning out the kiddos in the backseat and "Finding Nemo" on the DVD and I decided to clean out my purse.  So what exactly is in the purse of a mother of 4 young children??  Many, many things.  Here is the inventory:
1 Wallet (mine)
1 Datebook (mine)
2 lip glosses (1 mine, 1 Bella's)
4 Antibacterial wipes (mostly for wiping down the kids)
1 Fingernail File (mine)
1 Purse-sized Bottle of Advil (mine)
18 Ballpoint Pens (even though I can never find ONE when I need it)
1 Bottle of Hand Sanitizer (mine)
5 Band-Aids (for the kids...and other people's kids...)
1 Packet of Anti-Bacterial Creme (ditto to the above)
1 Business Card Case Full of Mommy Cards (for the mommies' of the other kids)
2 Small Bottles of Baby Lotion (kids)
1/2 Pack of Gum (supposed to be mine, but mostly for the kids)
2 Sudafed (mine)
4 Lollipops (kids)
1 Ponytail Holder (supposed to be mine, but I think Bella used it last)
1 Juice Box (kids)
1 Packet of Graham Crackers (kids)
1 Packet of Goldfish (kids)
6 Packets of "Fruities" (Welches' Fruit Juice Snacks)
No fewer than 26 stickers
14 various coupons, 10 of which were expired, 4 of which expired last year.
And too many receipts to count.  Although, I did find $1,873 in medical receipts.  Only $86 of which was mine.
No one, at least no sane person, who looked into my purse could ever mistake that I was a mother.  If I didn't have kids, I could carry a MUCH smaller purse, but I would gladly lug around half of the medicine chest and half the pantry for my kids.  And really, all of those snacks, Band-aids, etc. are as much for me as they are for them.  Nothing will calm a kid with a skinned knee better than a Band-aid, nothing will make a child who will not stop talking hush faster than a packet of fruities, and nothing will buy you 15 minutes in the store like a lollipop.

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Nana at Mayfair said...

My purse is still the same way! Grandbabies!