This is me...

This is me...
I'm having a mom moment....

Monday, August 29, 2011

Guess What?

You'd be amazed how often I'm wrong when people say guess what.
And by people, I mean my kids.  I have been in a death-match battle with a nasty virus for the last few days.  This is always a great time for my kids to play the "Guess What?" game with me.  I have spent the past several days lying in my bed (I had to be within a certain number of steps from the bathroom to avoid hurling all over the place).  Since Thursday night, I have had some very interesting "Guess What?" moments with my kids and while I can't share them all, I thought I'd share one per kid that sort of defines them -- and it is a nice little in-between post while I am working on the one for tomorrow.

The William moment:
"Hey mom, Guess What?"
"I dunno, what?"
"I was watching Star Wars: The Clone Wars on the DVR, and blah, blah, blah. And then Gues What? General Grievious blah, blah, blah.  And on the next episode, blah, blah, blah...."
He recounted 3 whole episodes.  I lay there all clammy and pale listening to him until I had to jump up at one point, push past him, and hurl.  At which point he looked at me and said "Hey, are you sick or something?" 
As I brushed my teeth and stared at him in disbelief, he went back to recounting the Star Wars show.  I have no idea what he was talking about.  But his compassion was overwhelming. 

The Bella moment:
"Hey mom?  Guess What?"
"I dunno know, what?"
"Cooper threw up upsatairs and I am NOT cleaning that up.  Do you and him have the same thing?"
This was of course followed by me dragging my butt upstairs to clean up dog puke that seemed to be a result of the dog eating Lucky Charms cereal that someone no doubt spilt onto the floor.  While the act of cleaning this up made me sick in a way that had nothing to do with my virus, I was at least able to take comfort in knowing that I would not have to clean up the spilled Lucky Charms since Cooper had obviously already handled that.  Again, the concern that my kids have for their mother really touches your heart.

The Lorelei moment:
"Hey mom!  Guess What?"
"I dunno know, what?"
"I am a big girl now because I sleep in underwear without pee-peeing in it and I can climb the door all the way to the ceiling and I'm not tired did you know that mom? I'm sorry your sick, mom.  But Guess What?  I'm not sick am I mom?  Nope, 'cause big girls don't get sick do they mom?  Just mom's get sick.  When I grow up I hope I don't get sick like you mom, 'cause I don't like being sick. Do you like being sick mom?  Well, at least you get to sleep a lot huh. mom?  Can I see the shots in your butt, mom?  I HATE shots.  Don't you hate shots, mom?  Why did you let them give you shots mom?  When I get big I'm never getting shots anymore.  I'm gonna lay down with you mom, okay?  Do you like it when I lay down with you?  Just don't get me sick, okay mom?...."  Occasionally she'd stop for breath, but she rarely let me answer any of her thousand and twelve questions.  Still, she was trying to keep me company....

The Jackson moment:
"Mom, Guess What?"
"I dunno know, what?"
"You're sick."
Well, thank you Captain Obvious.  But he did follow up this profound statement by laying down to cuddle with me and he promptly fell asleep.

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Counting Caballeros said...

As you all know, I submitted 3 blogs to a site that "invited" me to apply to be a freelance writer for them a week ago but I haven't heard back. Also, as I have told you all before, in addition to this blog, I have written about 10 children's story books that I have submitted to over 50 different publishers and magazines and I have gotten some great feedback along with the rejection letters that talk about how saturated the market is and how they only publish a very few new storybooks per year. Soooooo... in a lapse of sanity that I plan to blame on this recent illness, I just did something totally out of character for me. I asked for help. I sent an email to The Ellen DeGeneres Show with a link to my blog and asking for help getting some publishing contacts. As soon as I hit "send" on the email I regretted it. I have never felt so pathetic in all of my life! WHAT WAS I THINKING??!!! Ugh...going to bed now before I try to call Oprah....