This is me...

This is me...
I'm having a mom moment....

Friday, August 19, 2011


Okay.  Here's the deal:  I have received an email from what seems to be a reputable website asking me to apply to be a regular contributor.  It would be sort of free-lance, but it would PAY.  As in, legal tender.  The kind that I could use to buy things with, or pay bills with, or give to my kids to buy things with.  The kind that would make it completely unnecessary to give into Google's repeated requests for me to allow them to put ads on my blog. (Which I have considered, but since I have no control over WHAT they advertise, it freaks me out). 

I have until noon on Monday to narrow down my 88 posts over the past 18 months into 3 posts.  I am working on narrowing the list, and I am listing some of my favorites and front runners.  PLEASE comment, private message me, send up smoke signals, whatever you need to do to let me know which ones you think are the best representation of me, my writing style, and my ability.

1)     Hey! Teacher! Leave My Kid Alone!

2)     Don't Ever Agree To Be The Room Mom. EVER. 

3)     I LOVE You! Chocolate is My Favorite!

4)     Seriously? Yep, Seriously. 

5)     It's Okay


7)     Growing up at Central

8)     Letting Go 

9)     Toomer's Corner

10)   Not Me

11)   Judgey McJudgersons Suck 

12)   The Finger of God

13)   Counting My Blessings

14)   I LOVE My Kids. So Back Off.

15)   "Sloth Mom"  

16)   It's NOTHING Like Preschool On TV

17)   Haters Gonna Hate 

18)   Truth in Advertising

19)   What the Heck Happened??!

20)   Shut Up, You're Not Perfect Either

21)   I'm Going To Murder My Bathroom Scale 

22)   Total Freak Out

23)   I am Not, Nor Have I Ever Been, THAT Mom

24)   Trail Mix

25)   Imagine All The Crazy...

I know.  This is pitiful.  I should have been able to narrow it better than this.  But, I didn't.  So as you can see, I need your help.  Lots of these, you may not have read before.....especially if you are new here. And if you HAVE read them, please re-read them.  Let me know which 3 you would pick.  I am trying to show that I can be funny, poignant, sentimental, edgy, sarcastic, .....well, you get the idea.  If I can get it down to 5 selections, I will put them in a hat and choose 3.  This is why the walls in my house are all white.  I suck at making decisions.



I absolutely LOVE your blog! I too am having trouble narrowing it down. If we must vote/choose, I really like 10, 17, 23, and 25.

Lisa said...

Oh man - that's tough just choosing 3!! You have such a great way of writing that really conveys how you're feeling - like in #1 - I really wanted to smack the crap out of that teacher! LOL!

These are my favorites...
13 - FAVORITE favorite!

Counting Caballeros said...

Done and done. On Monday, I submitted the 3 posts to apply for the freelance job. I chose the teacher one, the THAT mom one, and the truth in advertising one. (Whew!) Now we shall see if they want me to write for them.....