This is me...

This is me...
I'm having a mom moment....

Friday, May 27, 2011

TGIF! What? Oh Right, My Work Week NEVER Ends....

I was going to write a post about how great it was that it was Friday.  Woo-hoo!  Weekend!  Then I remembered that my job is to be a stay at home mom and that doesn't end Friday at 5:00.  It. Never. Ends.  Especially when your husband is working his 3rd Saturday in a row (on 2nd shift, still) and your kids are as rowdy as mine and your house is as messy as mine... You guys get it, you all read my posts.  But there has to be something good about the weekends, right? 

So here are the few things I have to look forward to on the weekends:

1)     I don't have to get up at 6:30 (or whatever, depending on me and the snooze button) to get kids ready for school. At least not on Saturday.  Sunday, when we try to go to church will be a different story.

2)     I don't have to threaten beatings to get them to go to bed on school nights.  Again, at least not Friday night.  Saturday is the night before church on Sunday and Sunday night IS a school night.

3)     Husband is usually here at least one day and can help take up the slack....that would be MY slack, by the way, as I am way overdue for a spa-day and my general apathy level is currently too high.

4)     ..........Um............yeah, I got nothing.

Wow.  Three reasons to look forward to the weekend.  Just three?  No wonder I'm a total nut-case.
Especially after this week when I have found myself having to repeat "I WANTED kids.  I DO love my children."  over and over in my head. 

So for all of you nine to fivers out there, cheers.  Enjoy your weekend.  It'll just be the same ol' same ol' here at Casa Caballero.  While you are relaxing by the pool, going on family outings, hanging out with your friends, etc. I will be scraping dried food off of my dining table, cleaning piss off of the bathroom floor, doing copious amounts of dishes and laundry and trying to discover the source of that smell while refereeing fights about, well, everything.  Just. Like. Every. Other. Day.

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Tara said...

Yes. Amen. Thank you.

christy said...

Well Happy Friday anyway!!! Fridays don't mean much to me either... we all work on weekends around here too. Monday is usually my day to throw the kids at school and relish in the silence that comes with hot coffee and a full day in yoga pants...... But now school is out so that kinda sucks for me. That means endless EVERYTHING..... food, laundry, boredom...... While I am screaming and yelling at my half grown children for pissing on the toilet, throwing clean clothes in the floor and making messes in the kitchen I will be thinking of you too. I will also be MARVELING at the fact that you do this with 4 small children and still manage to have at least a reasonable amount of sanity..... Have a great weekend my friend :-) ...and thank you for this wonderful laugh this morning!!! I LOVE IT!!!