This is me...

This is me...
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Friday, January 13, 2012

I CAN DO THIS! (Can't I??!)

So after the initial shock and excitement wore off from being invited to Chicago, I realized something.  I probably cannot wear yoga pants all weekend.  Crap.  I. Own. Nothing. Else.

At least nothing else worth mentioning.  I was going to have to go shopping.  I HATE shopping.  It sucks.  I also was going to have to do something about the gray roots that are slowly making their way to my ears.  (Seriously, I had my hair done in October when I was in Huntsville for dad's surgery, and I haven't touched it since.  It's BAD.)  And then there's the whole thing about my waistline that is expanding instead of contracting. 

Great.  I was all excited, and now I am a 13 year old girl about to start a new school.  I really do struggle with self-esteem.  See, its very easy to be snarky and self-confident when you are sitting on the couch typing blissfully away on a laptop, but when you are face to face, it's a little harder to pull off.  I could envision in my head the horror stories that would unfold in the Windy City -- me being a loud obnoxious freak in an attempt to appear "fun,"  me being all awkward and goofy in an attempt to be "quirky," me being all manic because I am not usually around other get the idea.  On the one hand, none of these people know me so I can be whatever and whoever I want (which appeals greatly to my theatrical side and makes me want to show up with an English accent or something equally as juvenile).  But on the other hand, this is what I want to DO.  I want to write.  I want to be so damned good that Kenmore isn't the only company vieing for my attention or to attend their event.  So I need to be taken seriously.  I need to be seen as the mature, intelligent, educated person that I know I can be.  I used to work in sales.  I could do this.  Deep breath, formulate a plan.

So standing in front of the mirror, I said (yes, out loud) "Okay.  Let's see what we can do."  I took note of the hair first.  I was for sure going to have to do something there.  Since Christy, my go-to-gal for all things hair was 800 miles away in Huntsville, I called her and asked for help.  She said, "You can do this.  Go buy this product and do X-Y-Z."  Crisis (possibly) averted.  I haven't actually used said product yet, so this step could still go horribly wrong, but I was taking action.

Now there was also the issue with the weight I mentioned.  Since dropping 25 pounds in a week was not possible without cutting off a limb, I added "Buy Spanx" to my to-do list.  Also need to buy a new bra.  After I had established that my undergarments needed to be seriously upgraded, I moved onto the more obvious.

My wardrobe has deteriorated dramatically in the past 10 years.  When I was in sales, I had power-suits and heels.  As a part-time photographer, I had nice jeans and shirts.  As a stay-at-home mom to 4 kids under 10 and a blogger and Facebook addict, I have 16 pairs of yoga pants and a plethora of t-shirts -- both long and short sleeved.  Seriously, I know that there are shoes in my closet.....somewhere. But the only shoes I really ever wear are my slip on Skechers or flip-flops. I do have a dedicated drawer for Yoga pants and one for t-shirts. My wardrobe is a lot like Garanimals -- everything matches. I just grab a pair of Yoga pants (either black or charcoal gray) and a t-shirt and voila! I match and I'm ready to go anywhere -- the couch, the carpool line, the gym, the grocery store -- pretty much everywhere that I ever go. Day to day this is awesome. It really sucks when I need to get dressed up for something.  Like a trip to Chicago that has the potential to jump-start my career.

I bit the bullet and went shopping.  Of course, not to an actual store in a mall or anything, because I didn't want to spend the money.  I still have to buy Spanx and a bra, both rather pricey items by themselves.  And then there was the potential hair disaster from my do-it-yourself hair dye in a box that might require a small fortune to repair.  So I went to a re-sale shop.  I found a few pieces that I think will be acceptable and I was feeling like a million bucks.  I was ready to take on Chicago!

Or so I thought.

Then TODAY happened.

I got the list of attendees for the Blogger's Summit in Chicago next week, and let me just say that as I perused this list and stalked their blogs and Facebook fan pages, I felt the excitement and anticipation slowly drain out of me like a leaky balloon.  These people are REAL.  I mean, they write about stuff that matters.  They are often PAID to write (a lovely idea that I wish I could accomplish) and some of them are paid to speak.  They are editors, contributing editors, published authors, etc. -- in a nutshell, they are basically everything that I aspire to be but have not been able to accomplish, and I cannot for the life of me figure out how I got placed in with them.  If you think I am exaggerating, go through the list below and visit some of their sites.  That guy Mike, down near the bottom of the list?  Yeah, he was co-host on a show on the Science Channel. 

2012 Kenmore Blogger's Summit Attendees

A Busy Crockpot Mom

Accidental Mommies

Adventures in Baby Wearing

Around My Family Table

Blissfully Domestic

Busy Dad Blog

Cash or Check Only

Chambana Moms

Crazy About My Baybah

Creative Kitchen Adventures

Digital Dads

Dr. Goddess

Formula Mom

Frosted Fingers

Jessica Gottlieb

Just Another Mommy Blog

Just Short of Crazy

Look What Mom Found… and Dad Too!

Love That Max

Macaroni Kid

Mama NYC

Meal Makeover Moms

Mike Senese

Mom Advice

Mom and More

Mom Start

Mommies Playground

Mommies with Cents

Mommy Confessions

One Scrappy Mom

Our Kids Mom

Rookie Moms

Sensibly Sara

The Divine Miss Mommy

The Mommy Insider

The Night Owl Mama

The Other Side of the Tortilla

The Red Neck Mommy

Whiskey in My Sippy Cup

No, I didn't link them all here. Do you have any idea how long that would take??! I only have a week to dye my hair, buy a bra, and find my self confidence that is hiding somewhere under layers of baby fat and jersey knits! Use this opportunity to hone your Google skills.


Girlie Blogger said...

My wardrobe also deteriorated after kid. Guss it happens to everyone.

Good luck shopping. I'm sure you'll find something cute.

Sonia Mehra said...
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Meal Makeover Mom Janice said...

Somehow, I think that even if you show up in yoga pants and flip flops, with orange roots you are going to be the life of the party next weekend in Chicago. And by the way, I'm pretty sure every one of us is worrying about what to bring and what we'll wear. :) It's going to be a fun time for sure and reading your post made me even more excited about going and meeting you!

A. E. said...

What are you talking about? You're easily up there with those guys, and you'll do great. I look forward to hearing about how you stole the show when you get back.
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Ann said...

Don't you worry about anything, you are a superb writer and you'll have a great time at the summit.
Keep in mind that to some of us who will never be invited to any summits, you are right up there with all those others. Titles mean nothing, after all.

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