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This is me...
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Saturday, January 14, 2012

You Could Win!!!!

No, not really. You can't come with me. Sorry. That is what is known as a hook to us writers. I use it to hook you in and keep you reading. And look at that, it's working! You are still reading.

Although you can't come with me, there is a way that you can cash in on this whole summit thing. Kenmore and Zeno Group (the marketing team putting on this shindig) have a contest you can enter.
Here are the details:

Blogger Homework (optional but strongly encouraged):

Engage Your Readers!

- The Challenge: As the Kenmore Blogger Summit will focus on innovation, we’d like to open this to your readers with a special assignment and chance to win prizes. When tasked with the overwhelming demands of day-to-day chores, a little creativity goes a long way – and helps stretch our resources a bit. What is your most unusual, yet practical, use of a common household appliance?

- The Ask: Please ask your readers to submit videos demonstrating their answer!  You can then select and submit up to 5 of your favorites for a chance for you and your readers to win great Kenmore prizes.

- Due: Wednesday, January 18 at 9p.m. CT
- Rule: No branding visible other than Kenmore. To avoid, simple cover other brand names with tape.

- Format: Uncompressed Quicktime files at 1920x1080 16:9 are preferred. Any uncompressed file would be best, and the bigger the format the better.

- To Submit: You'll have to send it to me and I will upload it. I have to narrow it to the top 5 and then send those in.

- This contest if for US readers only

- Prizes will consist of Sears gift cards ($100, $50 and $25)

- Submissions are due Wednesday, January 18

- Video entries are the only valid submissions

I don't know about the rest of you, but my husband could go through a $100 Sears gift card before I could get the car parked outside the mall. Unfortunately, my problem lies in the fact that I don't use the household appliances in any unconventional way. Actually, I don't use them often enough in their conventional way. But maybe you do. And if you do, you could win a gift card to go buy another appliance to use unconventionally....or you could save it for Father's Day and avoid shopping for that special guy in your life.

More importantly, you'd be helping me out. See, I kind of think this is a veiled attempt to see if any of my readers use kenmore appliances. Or maybe they just want to make sure that i actually HAVE readers. Either way, it would help me out. 

So if you could, send me a video submission of you doing something weird with your appliances. Wait....that came out wrong. Send me a video of an UNCONVENTIONAL yet PRACTICAL use of your appliance. And be sure that you cover any non-Kenmore logos with tape.

You can email your submissions to me at countingcaballeros@hotmail .com

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