This is me...

This is me...
I'm having a mom moment....

Thursday, January 19, 2012

This Is Why I Usually Just Stay Home

So this is how my day has gone so far:

1)  Woke up 15 minutes late and rushed around to get the kids off to school.
2)   Made coffee, logged into computer.
3)   Posted about having a lot to do today on my Facebook page. (Are you a "fan" on Facebook yet?)
4)   Someone commented "Are you excited?!" on aforementioned status, and anxiety began hitting me in waves.
5)   Spent next hour surfing the Internet for pictures referencing "anxiety" to post on my page.
6)   Got suitcase out and stared at it's empty shell on my bed for 5 minutes, completely paralyzed by the knowledge that I will forget at least one crucially important thing.
7)   Put on American Idol that I DVRed from last night to watch while I packed.
8)   Began placing items into suitcase after trying them on obsessively one at a time, being judgemental of what I saw in the mirror, and running through worst case scenarios in my head for each outfit.
9)   Got frustrated with packing process and moved suitcase off the bed to lay down.
10)  Got up and went to the desktop to print out flight info, itinerary for the weekend, list of attendees, and readers questions/suggestions to pass along to Kenmore.
11)  Printer locked up and I spent 2 hours troubleshooting, rebooting, etc. before finally getting it to work.
12)   Completed online check-in for tomorrow's flight and printed boarding pass.
13)   Plugged big camera in to charge, decided to take small camera instead, changed my mind again and opted for big camera, had internal debate, plugged them both in to charge and decided to decide later.
14)   Checked email and received new info to be added to itinerary document, copied and pasted, and reprinted.
15)   Found blogger cards and started obsessively counting them out to be sure I had enough.
16)  Spent 15 minutes searching for a rubber band to hold the stack of cards together, abandoned search and used a hair elastic.
17)   Gave sick kid a breathing treatment.
18)   Spent 20 minutes convincing 3 and 5 year olds that I would not STAY in Chicago, but would, indeed, return late Sunday night.
19)   Started debating about what exactly constitutes a "liquid" to avoid issues at airport security (still working this one out....lip gloss?  Facial cream?  Caramex?  What are the guidelines for a liquid as TSA sees it?  Ugh.)
20)   Decided I had earned a break and sat down and typed this brief and pointless blog post for no other reason than to further prove that I am the world's biggest procrastinator, a computer idjit, a little OCD, and completely nuts.

And this, dear readers, is why I never go anywhere.


Carin said...

I'm so sorry for asking if you're exited. Have a safe trip.

Kristine (the words i breathe) said...

This looks really similar to my mornings - I usually opt for staying home too! Have a safe trip!

TheOld Coot said...

Breathe woman