This is me...

This is me...
I'm having a mom moment....

Thursday, January 12, 2012


In a very exciting turn of events, I have been invited by Kenmore to participate in the 2012 Blogger's Summit in Chicago next weekend. 

When I first got the email, I thought "This cannot be real.  Did they send this to the wrong person, or is this a cruel joke?"  The email said that they wanted to fly me to Chicago, put me up in a hotel, feed me, and show me all kinds of amazing new Kenmore appliances and get my opinion on them.  Seriously?  Little ole' me??  But a little Google research informed me that, yes, it is real.  They did this last year.  I found several bloggers who had participated in 2011.  So I responded to the email with an enthusiastic"YES!!" and I finally got my flight info yesterday.  I am more than a little excited about this.

Anyone who reads my blog knows that I have an opinion about almost everything, so sharing my opinion will NOT be an issue.  Now, you might think that spending a weekend looking at washers, dryers, and refrigerators might not sound like much fun.  You would be wrong.  At least for me.  See, I am addicted to the "Expo" type shows on Food Network and other channels where they showcase all of the latest products.  I love the shows that show prototypes of new appliances, new products, all of it.  AND it's not like I will be the only one there. 

They are flying in about 20 other bloggers from all over the country.  (Squee!!)  So I will get to meet and rub elbows with a bunch of other bloggers/writers, trade secrets about generating more blog traffic, getting more followers, etc.  I may even be able to get some pointers about breaking into the publishing world (something that I would very much like to do), depending on who these other bloggers are. (I am hoping that they will send out a list of those attending so that I can get to know their blogs before I go).  And they are going to have presenters from Google+ and Wired, so there will be more good info there. 

I realized something else -- most of my favorite bloggesses are in Chicago. Moms Who Drink And Swear, I Want A Dumpster Baby, and Mary Tyler Mom among others. I think I follow about 10 Chicago Bloggers. The city and surrounding suburbs are FILLED with the wittiest, snarkiest, funniest, women I wish I knew. I find that I am thinking about the city as some kind of Mecca where all of the blogging gurus live. It is almost like this is my pilgrimage and I fully expect to come back enlightened to some blogging secrets that only those who have been to "The Windy City" are privy to.  It will me make me so much better just to be in their general vicinity, surely.

Seriously -- this is a BIG deal for me.  I never get to go anywhere.  I do not have a day-planner or a schedule app on my phone because, let's face it, what would I write in it?  "Tuesday -- wash whites & make dinner.  Wednesday -- wash towels and make dinner.  Everyday -- get up way too early, make school lunches, try to blog, act as chauffeur, referee, and tutor to all 4 kids, and make dinner..."  The husband is taking off 2 days from work so that I can do this.  I will get to go to Chicago -- somewhere I have never been -- and spend time with other bloggers hearing about and seeing things that are very interesting to me.  My degree is in English and Marketing -- this is right up my alley.

And they want my input!  Finally, someone is getting the hint that us mom-bloggers (and dad-bloggers, too) are not just people who get on the Internet and regurgitate our day.  We are intelligent, contributing members of society.  (Are you seeing this, Brian Grobman from "Anderson?")  We MATTER.  We are the ones who will research these products when it is time to get a new appliance, and we are the ones who will use them day in and day out.  So yeah, our opinions are pretty freakin' important.  And I am already working on my list of questions.

1)     When can we expect a washer that will automatically transfer the wet clothes into the dryer and turn it on?

2)     When will they invent a dryer that actually FOLDS the clothes for us?

3)     How about making a fridge that has a lock on it to keep my thieving kids out of it? (or me, when I'm on a diet?)

4)     How hard would it be to develop a line of real, working, kid-sized appliances so I could put my kids to work?

This is just a start, and reflect my general sarcastic nature, but I am sure that over the next week I will come up with a few more, even a couple of serious questions. 

I am also interested in hearing from you guys -- what would YOU like me to find out from Kenmore?  What questions or ideas do YOU have for them?  Comment here or send me a message, I promise I will do my best to come back with the answers. 

I can hardly wait until next Friday when I will board a flight bound for Chicago.  I am STOKED!


Domestic Goddess said...

So spectacular...Have an amazing time and I so hope you get to meet up with the other Beautiful Bloggers in Chicago! I am all about an auto-fold and put away- dryer! And DO matter! xo

Ranting and Raving said...

awesome news!! congrats!
i hope you have lots of fun :)

Melanie said...

That is exciting. Bring back some awesome info for the rest of us.

Girlie Blogger said...

oh my goodness that's AWESOME! Congrats!

Kitkatkootie said...

I am feeding off your excitement. And can't wait to hear and read all about it! Yay you!

Lisa W. said...

That sounds fabulous!!! I'm excited for you! (and just a little jealous!) ;-)

Michelle~ Mommy Confessions said...

I'm one of those "other bloggers". I decided to Google some of the blogs I wasn't familiar with- so it's great to meet you. I just did a post myself about the event and mentioning all of the bloggers that will be joining us. I invite you to pop in and check it out. See you next week!!

chach said...

congrats! what an amazing opportunity! looking forward to hearing all about your fun adventures. :-)

the third boob...and other adventures in mommyhood

Mariah said...

A dryer that folds the clothes? Yes! I hope we see that next weekend! I look forward to getting a chance to mix and mingle with you in Chicago!

MamaNYC [Nicole H.] said...

Thanks for finding me on Facebook! I am THRILLED to be a part of this opportunity and think we will {okay, I KNOW we will} have a great time! This is an amazing event and I know Kenmore will NOT disappoint!

Okay, let's make sure this week goes by REALLY fast... make it happen!

{next week at this time we will be enjoying a festive cocktail hour ala Kenmore!}

- Nicole @ MamaNYC! :)

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